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Our portfolio

Education Management

Create timetables and substitution plans with DAVINCI. Publish the completed timetables to your website, an E-BOARD or use the DAVINCI app on your smart phone or tablet. Manage your school and library with MAGELLAN. And take a look at ENBREA, the cloud based future of education management.

Digital Signage

Whether you're looking to install a complete system of public displays or simply wish to exchange your existing digital signage software: With CONFIRE SHOWTIME, our E-BOARDS as well as our exclusive display furniture you can get everything you need from one place as a ready-to-use system or a single compontent.

Classroom Management

CONFIRE SHERLOCK protects your computers from permanent change. Just restart the PC and its original desired state is restored. And with CONFIRE YUKON we're already working on a solution which will allow you to centrally manage all your computers in the class room. An effective and essential tool for the class room.


Creates complex timetables, organizes substitutions — either automatically or manually — and publishes the result on your website, app, email or E-Boards. DAVINCI checks the subject choices for you as a secondary school planner and helps you to organize the class via automatic course blocks. And with the DAVINCI APP, digital floor plans and room signs you can present your timetable both effectively and aestheticly.

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Manage your school and library comfortably and efficiently. Record grades, print certificates, create statistics and much more. And you can of course exchange all data with DAVINCI. MAGELLAN is suitable for small primary schools right up to large centralized multi-client e-Government solutions with Terminal Server, UCS Server etc.

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A cloud-based open-source school management software which compliments our established products DAVINCI and MAGELLAN with the modules: Digital Grade Book, Digital Class Register and Candidate Registration. Our long-term vision is however to integrate all school management reports into one single open software platform.

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With our new digital signage software CONFIRE SHOWTIME you can create, manage and publish HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript based content, known as Showcases. CONFIRE SHOWTIME is the successor to our previous software CONFIRE BLACKBOARD.

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High-quality digital signage displays for schools, high schools, education institutions as well as infoboards and in-house-TV in companies. Optionally, you can also have these public displays equipped with touch screen or safety glass.

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Protects computers from any unwanted permanent changes, viruses, file clutter and unauthorized programs. You can also prevent data theft and protect the computer even further by blocking external drives. It's easy to install, intuitive to use and runs silently in the background. The essential tool for public computers in schools, universities and museums and a great tool for private use.

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Documentation of all our products is available online. You'll find it in the DOC CENTER portal page where you can gain direct access to all user manuals, specifications etc.

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Our partners

NEC Logo

"With STÜBER SYSTEMS we have found a partner who has many years experience in the school market and its first-class CONFIRE BLACKBOARD software compliments our public displays perfectly. The combination of this software with our displays makes this solution very effective and really unique even for customers outside the school market."

Ralf Brokinkel, Sales Manager
Public Displays, NEC Display Solutions Europe


NEC Display Solutions Europe

SAP Logo

Creators of Crystal Reports, the world's most commonly used report generator for databases. With Crystal Reports you can create particularly complex reports (e.g. certificates) faster and more effeciently than using other tools.



Univention Logo

Provides Univention Corporate Server (UCS) infrastructure software and UCS@school for E-Government solutions. Magellan is certified for UCS.



Infoschool Logo

INFOSCHOOL develops and distributes school management software for Italian schools and works together with the Italian Ministry of Culture. With distribution partners in the whole of Italy INFOSCHOOL offers an excellent platform for distribution, support and further development of DAVINCI for Italian schools.



Eckert Schulen Logo

As an internationally active education company Eckert Schulen guarantees a unique transfer of innovation and knowledge and provides a “Made In Germany” education. We specialize in German educational programs, which enjoy the highest value even in global markets and are in great demand. In the more than 70 years of the company’s history, around 100,000 people have successfully graduated and thus achieved demonstrably improved career prospects.

Markus Johannes Zimmermann
Managing Director of Dr. Eckert Academy &
CEO of Eckert Schools International


Eckert Schulen

BOB Design Logo

Since 1995 BOB Design GmbH has overseen numerous national and international active customers from the creative concept up to the realisation of multimedia content. As „Creative Services“ of Imagion AG, one of the leading studios for DVD, Blu-ray and app programming, BOB Design GmbH has been a leader of innovation for integrated solutions of new media. From conceptual design to film shooting, the projects emerge inhouse – Now also for digital signage.


BOB Design

About us

STÜBER SYSTEMS develops software in the areas of education management (DAVINCI, MAGELLAN, ENBREA), digital signage (CONFIRE SHOWTIME, CONFIRE E-BOARDS and accessories) and classroom management (CONFIRE SHERLOCK). We do of course provide service and support for all these areas.

Our solutions are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We continue to develop in accordance with the latest technologies. Above all it's about making high quality tools which make your job and the job of your colleagues easier by exploring new possibilities.

Our products are not only available in German but also English, Italian, Russian and Chinese and are used worldwide.